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  3. I would STRONGLY suggest that you stay in Canada. The economy in the USA is rapidly going down the toilet, and with your Wife’s medical condition Texas would be a big mistake. Be happy that you are living in Canada, not the USA. For many reasons, not just the universal health care that we have here. Jim BToronto.

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  6. Supertradmum: They WERE left with a church full of WEAK women and children. We strong gals don’t like the effeminate stuff and effeminate clergy any more than strong men do. I didn’t like the soft, mushy Jesus with Breck Girl hair they were selling anymore than I liked such creatures in my dating life. You don’t want to follow a guy like that nor a GOD like that. Which brings us back to what all those young men are hearing in their mosques round the world.

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  12. i love these books and movies. i was an english major, and i understand that they weren’t the model of good grammer, and that they aren’t society definition of mainstream romance, but it is soo good to find someone who agrees, that it shouldn’t be embarassing to enjoy this series for what it is….

  13. Black history indeed. I was taught back in the dark ages that Attucks was a slave or indentured servant. I was taught wrong: he was a “mixed race sailor.”So he’ll be up during Mixed Race History Month, and it had better be a long one.

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  19. RE: – Yes ScotsmanI agree, status quo is gone.On tax deductions [i.e., real estate loan interest] not being the same as cutting other government costs is a ludicrous comparison. When federal government costs exceed a massively dwindling tax receipt base the last several years [what is it now, 40-50% less than the tax receipt base of like 2006?]; tax credits, deductions, etc are all to blame too for the lack of tax income receipts to pay for federal services we all use.There is no sacred cow, let’s face it. – Rate this comment: 0  0

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  23. Ok, that’s it. Too many ridiculous comparisons of Israel to rapists. I’m not bothering with you anymore. You are too far from reality to be worth my time to read your posts. Back in the oldendays of usenet, we had these nifty things called “killfiles” that would let us automatically block posts from trolls and other people who weren’t worth bothering with. I’m going to have to ignore you the hard way, by just skipping your posts. Pity.

  24. 0  0I agree consequence. We worry too much about the WRONG things and are then wondering why we’re not getting ahead or marrying each other. I dont think Michelle upgraded Barack at all, she just realized his potential and supported him. Im sure she didnt buy him nice clothes or any of that other nonsense. We are so worldly and idiotic. Lets get it together people,smh.

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  26. Boat people are always boat people and their lives are marked with milestones different than others- the selling of one boat, the buying of the next and all the living in between. I believe you will be on the water again but staying land side for a while just makes a whole heck of a lot of sense right now. So happy to see Gabrielle gaining strength and growing healthier by the day.

  27. Marian,One of the signs that your idea is a good one is that at least two other people have thought of it independently. That makes it a “meme with a distributed emergence”, which indicates to me that its time has come.I’m calling it the “Sticker Project”, and have thrown it open to people at CVF for suggestions about how it might be implemented.

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  31. agreed – Republicans practice the politics of resentment, and it pays off. It is always easier to get people to sit on their duffs and have a Two-Minute Hate than to get the same people to feel enough hope to do something constructive. For a very large percentage of people, the pleasure of hate is greater than almost any other human pleasure, including sex.

  32. I seriously need to get my behind in gear and link-up this week! I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going and I feel like I’m not recording it very well!You look awesome and I’m totally jealous of your lack of stretch marks, LOL. So glad the fall didn’t hurt sweet Willow, too!

  33. Correcteurs.En mains mon livre de chevet, éditeur Édouard Aubanel, année 1964, imprimeur-relieur Brodard Taupin.1/ phrase avec guillemets à l’intérieur d’un texte:…aedhtsnen ». Aedhtsn2/ phrase avec guillemets terminant un paragraphe ou en bas de page :…aedhtsnen. »La réputation tant de l’éditeur que de l’imprimeur me fait penser qu’il y aurait là comme une bonne règle.

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  35. Stores should be discouraged from asking customers if they would like a credit card whilst paying for goods. Every time I shop at Marks and Spencers I am asked if I want a store card and tempted by the ‘benefits’ I would get. Staff are given bonus payments for the customers they sign up. I think this irresponsible behaviour by the businesses and should be banned.

  36. PS. Vitusie, dlaczego usunÄ…Å‚ Pan swoje komentarze:)*Tak szczerze to poczuÅ‚em siÄ™, jak ten typ z wierszaKamiuszka. UciekÅ‚em wiÄ™c jak niepyszny. Nie doceniÅ‚emtowarzystwa. No cóż, jak to już kiedys napisaÅ‚em -uczÄ™ siÄ™ siebie oczyma ludzi, których spotykam…

  37. / yo tambien voy a renunciar con todos mis borreguitos de ese partido que no tiene trayectoria, rumbo ni vision a futuro, que lastima de tanto esfuerso, pero ni modos asi se dieron las cosas, ellos se lo pierden por dejarse manipular, ahora estos votos para quien van a ser?…..

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  41. My new word of the day: gite. Thank you.Sounds like all is abuzz there; no advice on me for vegies sorry. But I’ll happily eat them — and the bun-round! And hope and pray the prayer meeting went well; can understand the “Gloomy Sunday Afternoon of the Soul”. Things will get better indeed. God bless.

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  43. A most eloquent speech indeed. Pity some of our so called political elites couldn't be offering up their own speeches about similar topical subjects with as much thought put into them as has obviously been put into this one by the Baron. Pity also that we have all been far too trusting of those we have elected to office and are only now beginning to realize the consequences of our stupidity.The question now is; how will it all end?

  44. You were at that condo with friends, you aren’t buying squat. Nice zits though. the lighting really made them stand out!Your behavior in restaurants (and in life) is disgusting. I’m surprised anyone still hangs with you, since you act like a howler monkey on meth. Hey, meth would totes explain your skin!

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  49. For the record, the only connection I have to FIEC/FIW is that I am a co-op member/rate payer. I am not employed by or under any influence from either group to post anything. I am just stating what I have observed in the year since the turbines went online.

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  57. he was able to see her name under the Obama COLB.He turned out to be a joke.I also argued about Michelle on a public website. Another of us,whom I trust, called the disciplinary board and received the info.My point is that I am not making the claims. So, I have nothing to prove. However, as a journalism major myself, I would not print this stuff without verification. It is embarrassing to our cause if we jump on and promote what we cannot validate.

  58. I’m impressed, I must say. Really not often do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve gotten hit the nail on the head. Your thought is outstanding; the problem is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I’m very pleased that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for something regarding this.

  59. glaube, Sie haben Kollegen Nola da mißverstanden. Er bezog sich, wenn ich es recht mitbekommen habe, auf die Nationalität der Täter, nicht der Opfer.Zynisch und menschenverachtend — einfach huch! Bzw. »nicht hilfreich«, wie IM Erika sagen würde …

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  61. DeniseAugust 20th, 2012I’m loving these colors (all of them) and can’t wait to get my Boho Glam plus some add ons. My one request, since we are supposed to be seeing these colors in real life, would it be too much to maybe show the colors as you’re doing now, as well as on an African-American skintone. Since my skintone as well as many other Mavens is brown, the colors would look totally different, so it is hard to really judge how they would look in real life. Thanks so much!

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  63. Me parece crucial esto de afrontarlo con calma. Por casualidad, mi hijo tuvo varios amiguitos en su preescolar cuyos padres eran del mismo sexo (homosexuales o lesbianas). En California eso es ya bastante común y aceptado. ASí que esa conversación la tuvimos desde temprano, y se lo expliqué como tú sugieres en el punto 5. Me funcionó muy bien.

  64. Jeżeli służysz prawdzie, to służysz wolności, narodowi, człowiekowi i samemu życiu, głosił Jan Pawel II. Tylko przez wierność prawdzie osoba ludzka może ukształtować w sobie zdolność do bycia wolną, godną i kochają istotą.

  65. sep07 Curiosas reflexiones. También resulta curiosa la habilidad que ha tenido Bourdieu para dar un paso atrás en este planeta, y observar cómo “los poderosos” dominan a “los borregos” mediante la cultura. Y cómo él y toda su teoría se mantienen al margen de eso. ¿No?

  66. Well done David Vicar Vitalis. It never surprises me that most of those in opposition of such issues always cite the bible.. and then when informed and sensible people like yourself stand up to it, they resort to name-calling and insults, as that is all they have to contribute to the discussion. A pity, really. Blessings to you.

  67. Onko suomalaisella sosiaalituella eläminen sinusta maailmanlaajuinen perusoikeus? Vai vain jokaisen Afganistanilaisen? Pitäisikö turvapaikan ehtona olla 20 päivää nälkälakkoa? Mitä saavutettaisiin sillä jos maahanmuuttoviraston maatietoyksikkö ”itsenäistetään”? Mitä se edes tarkoittaa?

  68. A.hai ragione, più che ragionema ho una certa antipolitica nel sangue, che mi fa venire una certa “svitanza”prova a vivere a Roma e vedi se l’antipolitica non ti viene anche a te :-)PS non preoccuparti, boss, ho scritto anche lettere più serie, una anche al sindaco, con tanto di argomentazioni e fonti: me la so guadagnare la pagnotta NWO! ^__^

  69. The_Ohioan RPI think this site provides the “truth” in that it provides the center and both extremes and it’s really up to all of us to determine what is the “truth” by submitting each article to critical reasoning. That’s why God gave us brains. It’s not up to any site but up to us to find it, elusive though it may be, and by reading each other’s takes on things gives us different perspectives.

  70. Det rasfrämmande elementet Farbod Rezania mÃ¥ste vara en fruktansvärd raaaasist som inte förstÃ¥r den grymma strukturella diskrimininering som alla analfabetiska invällare utsätts för av Rasse-Svenne—-Hohohoho. Arma Fosterland!!

  71. I spit on Demjanjuk – You Jews reaped exactly what you sowed during WW2. John Demjanjuk was exonerated by the Israeli Supreme Court you stupid twit. But no, no no – You fucking Jews can’t give it up. You believe you can manipulate justice, just like you manipulate everthing else. Merry Christmas and may the Einsatzgruppen visit you soon.

  72. …I little birdie told me that foreign Aliens can sccessfully sign the petition if they go through a US VPN or proxie, revealing a US IP address, regardless of where the email address or physcial address points to. there's probably a law against it, or they don't care. that's globalisation for ya.

  73. Nothing screams fresh like a homemade mango salsa! You are right these fresh fruit salsas go great with pork and chicken too! I agree with Heavenly housewife, that what is really nice about this salsa, is the chunky mango . Very nice!

  74. Subhanallah. ternyata Allah tidak butuh tindakan kita ketika Dia berkehendak memenuhi doa kita. dan Allah berjanji pasti akan memenuhi semua doa. sekarang tinggal doa kita. seperti apa doa yang Allah akan penuhi itu. kita hanya perlu menyesuaikan frekuensinya dengan kehendak Allah. doa yang ikhlas itu kuncinya.

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  76. | I completely disagree. I am a huge fan of this cd, and I’m not too crazy about their original stuff. I think it’s a fresh and great approach to my favorite Christmas songs, and even though I’m confused about “My Favorite Things” being entered into the set list, it has become a ever-growing song put on Christmas albums everywhere.

  77. Che noticie se fa con queste povero alcoholico, che da improviso esci davante de la tv y chiede "jama", voldire mangiare. Nessuno capire che personagios come lui sono piu numerosos in tanti paises, incluso in la culta europa, se trovano in tutti luogui. Per fortuna questa noticie que adesso circula, non e vera en el senso que lui e livero y se trova ogni matina vechino al bar de linea y strada 10 in el cuore del Vedado.


  79. Anonymous: Hello! Haha so that means we've actually met? Sadly most people assume I'm bound to be arrogant (I don't have the friendliest face I guess) although it's not intentional at all! I'm just not good at that kind of PR stuff :(Anyway thank you for your comment 🙂 I really appreciate it when someone takes the time out to drop a message like this! 🙂

  80. What a coincidence! I am head over heels for orange blossom at the moment. I want the Serge Lutens, it’s on my wish list. I’ve also been smitten with Love By Killian but haven’t pulled the trigget yet. I do own Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom and lately, I’ve been spraying my sheets with it for a sweet night’s sleep.

  81. Je me suis laissé entendre dire que DH ne serait pas avec nous car elle préfèrerait les petites bites. On ne lui en veut pas, mais on la remplace par un élément plus dynamique : Utérus. Deeplake quant à lui ne participera pas parce que c’est une couille molle.Voilà, j’espère que les autres équipes flippent grave de voir que j’ai choisi mon camp. Vous pouvez arrêter dès maintenant et renoncer à vous battre.

  82. I think I looked at that data awhile ago. I don't believe the sample size was large enough to be reliable. And, black soldier-Asian wife make up an unrealistic fraction of the black-Asian couples because you have to marry for the foreigner to stay in the U.S. Among couples (married and non-married), black man-Asian woman is hugely more represented on the street.

  83. Kahran / “Eric if the church and BYU have told your dad to be silent about the issue then you need to zip your mouth”Get over yourself and your fictional superstitions. Your shameless and brainless devotion is nothing short of embarrassing.

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  85. September 4, 2012Leanne -You raise an important point. If we removed the time spent teaching the content that can be easily researched, how much time would that free to spend problem solving, and digging deep? I wonder how we might re-fashion Bloom’s Taxonomy if we eliminated the bottom “knowledge” level (now “remembering” in the new Bloom’s)… Thanks for jumping in to the conversation!

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